Why local specialty bakeries?

Like most consumers, we picked up baked foods at the nearby supermarket bakery. They always tasted delicious and seemed fresh, except that they felt that way even after many days! See, when you find a loaf of bread on the shelf, it has already been sitting there for a few days, after having travelled from a far off location for another couple days and is made to last for at least a week more. The secret? Continue Reading “Why local specialty bakeries?”

Our Story

We at Sugarplate get this question a lot “why did a bunch of techno nerds decide to work with small local bakers?”
Well see, it turns out that we “techno nerds” also happen to be parents of young children, and as other parents out there,  strive to do the best for them. The kids gotta eat cake, and our cake buying process involved multiple visits to multiple supermarket bakeries, Continue Reading “Our Story”